On the scissors glue mark how to remove
2021-03-03 02:55:17

Use scissors to cut foam rubber, especially if you are not good with the scissors, easily the glue shear in the scissors. However, wipe the scissors is also very cumbersome, if not wipe it easy to cut, wipe the scissors is a very dangerous action.
Q: scissors if offset above, how to do?
Answer: we need to use sunscreen, instead we use emulsion. Sunscreen is waterproof, protection, it is like a layer of film deposited on our face to protect our skin. So when it faced glue, we first using it is waterproof and not easy absorbent, then we put sunscreen at the touch of the offset printing scissors, touch slightly even a little, and then we'll take the scissors to cut (A4), and cut several times. In the shear process, you will have the experience: adhesive foam from the scissors has been down a lot. Then we put the glue to remove a little, then we add sunscreen, sunscreen, relatively speaking, there will be friction. We can also be more overlapping layers of A4 paper, cut a little thicker. Cut a little thicker case, we can make the scissors between bear more strength, the shear in the process, you will find the adhesive has been pushed to the edge of the scissors, a rub their hands glue easily down. If one is afraid to get, can use paper glue down.