Our intelligent equipment enterprises accelerate the pace of
2021-03-03 02:55:39

According to preliminary ideas, development objectives of intellectual manufacturing equipment is to 2015, sales revenue reached 1 yuan, the key industries in national economy required high-end intelligent equipment and basic manufacturing equipment domestic market share of over 50%. In 2020 sales revenue reached 2 yuan, the domestic market share reached 70%.

To achieve the above goal, the most important point is that the technology breakthrough, the core technology is less, enough to support the industry overall development is the fact that does not dispute. So, how to quickly achieve a breakthrough in technology? In the view of industrial small series, there are two main methods, one is the domestic enterprises to go abroad, acquisition of foreign enterprises; two is through the research promotion.

The use of funds advantage China enterprises accelerate global acquisitions

Buying in the market are not familiar with, such as the recent association has shot two times, respectively, the acquisition of IBM low-end server business and Motorola, these are important measures to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At present, China manufacturing lags in the face of native core technology R & D, patent rights mostly belong to the foreign capital enterprise, carry out international acquisitions, it can effectively reduce the industry breakthrough time.

In fact, the domestic manufacturing enterprises are doing, such as earlier is China Geely acquisition of Volvo car business. In addition, in the field of machine tool, the domestic machine tool companies have acquired American, Italy and other well-known machine tool enterprises, has important significance to improving the China Company patent reserve.

Chinese purchase one after another, it will shorten the technology with the international gap China industry, so that the new product research and development work, the greater progress.

Local enterprises need more aspects to improve research ability

Besides the above mentioned overseas acquisitions, there is no sufficient funds to carry out large-scale overseas mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises should increase investment in research and development, develop in the short-term investment plan, maintain the continuity of funds. Although the effect of local research and development is relatively slow, but is undoubtedly the work steadily, strength is very strong.

In addition to ensure that R & D investment, domestic enterprises also can cooperate with domestic famous automation school, realize the talents training commissioned. This is to ensure that the researchers have an important condition for fresh "blood" injection, can save the personnel training. In addition, close contact with the Institute of automation, but also enhance the important factors from the research ability. Through the research and professional, can share the latest technology, make the new technology into economic benefits in the fastest speed, on both sides of great benefit.

To make a long story short, intelligent equipment industry in the upgrading of the manufacturing industry's awesome, we need to constantly strengthen enterprise technology strength, improve the industry competitiveness, change the basic status of foreign high-end equipment dominated, the final state planning objectives.