Hardware production step analysis
2021-03-03 02:56:06

A small hardware products, as a fine arts and crafts, needs through the layers of processes, we can practice into boutique. How to distinguish the quality of the surface? Only close the experience and insights on the production line of advanced and professional, will succumb to its excellent quality.
The first step is the mold making hardware production. In CNC lathe, CNC machining center, in the three-dimensional computer files into products, through the establishment of processing procedures, finishing in machining center.
Next is the casting process. Generally speaking, low pressure casting machine, casting molding, a mold can be multiple sets of products, high production efficiency. The wall casting out of uniform thickness, density is higher, the cavity is smooth, for large thin wall, the complex structure of the casting, forming more favorable, the good product rate is much higher than that of gravity casting.
The third step is to machine processing, the raw material (stainless steel, copper, aluminum material, iron material), a variety of parts for lathe, milling machine, drilling machine and other machinery according to the drawing or sample processing. This process requires the use of sophisticated equipment, calibration must be accurate.
The fourth process is grinding and polishing. Polishing is divided into coarse and fine processing of products, rough surface with the rapid movement of the abrasive belt grinding; use polishing machine grinding head or linen wheel rotating speed, the metal surface processing, make the skin smooth and bright, increase product brightness and smoothness.
After the polishing process, needs technicians to test if it is qualified, unqualified will draw a circle rework, very strict examination.
Hardware electroplating process, so that the surface of metal or other material piece attached to a layer of metal film by electrolysis, so as to prevent the metal oxidation (rust), improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective, anti corrosion (copper sulfate) and improves the appearance effect.
In order to enhance the smooth feeling, so that the appearance of soft, color is meaningful, Topstrong hardware after multilayer electroplating process, will carry on the comprehensive inspection, will have the product rework processing defects, ensure flawless.
Next to the assembly, assembly tools and parts, the processing of metal parts in order and technology must be connected together, become a complete set of hardware products. This process, is the key to decide the quality of the products.
Switch handle final inspection of products, in advance about the user experience, let the customer enjoy the first product is high quality; cleaning products, test the product appearance, let the product smooth and glabrous; with accessories, into the designated packing box, put in the external packing box, according to the process of storage.
High quality hardware production, cannot do without a complete production line, more cannot do without the production staff, Yan Jin careful work attitude!