Hardware appliances from traditional form of the development
2021-03-03 02:56:14

In the country to vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction policies, energy saving and environmental protection ideas win support among the people present, hardware industry toward the development of energy saving and environment protection, will enable the hardware fittings industry increased threshold.
Electrical energy standard gradually strict hardware accessories to increase the threshold
In recent years, carbon tariff carbon labels to build new green barriers in trade, in response to the global climate warming trend, universal awareness of emission reduction in the global scope, low carbon home electric warming. However, the rapid growth of domestic hardware industry economy is a waste of resources, energy waste, environmental pollution, is the extensive mode of economic growth.
Chinese hardware products even after ten years of development, some enterprises have been gradually formed a set of seriation, standardization, brand management, compared to slightly lower quality production standards, in front of international standard, not all hardware enterprises can quickly break through, accessories hardware appliances to the production of finished appliance with export specification products, supporting the production of natural increase a lot of pressure.
Up to now, the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) issued by international standard of nearly 20000, which relates to safety, energy saving and green standards, environmental protection accounted for a large proportion of the. France and Germany, Britain and other countries have to adopt international standards to enter the international market as a trump card, the Nordic countries have hardly any changes directly adopt international standards as the market entry criteria, America to adopt international standards to positive attitude from the cold, even the development of Chinese interest of international standards is also more and more high. For example, USA fully revised and strengthen the Energy Star program of the certification requirements, the Energy Star label applies to more than 40 kinds of products, in addition, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and other countries also issued a number of product energy efficiency standards, regulations or draft.
Many developing countries also follow the example of energy efficiency standards and regulations in developed countries such as Saudi Arabia, introduction, Israel and other countries in the recent continuous release of energy efficiency regulations. In February 3, 2011, the WEEE Directive amendment adopted by the European Parliament, will improve the members of recycled products, and increase the producers (EU importers and manufacturers) cost recovery.
Hardware appliances from traditional form of the development of energy saving and environmental protection
In recent years, the country vigorously implement energy-saving emission reduction policies, whether it is price regulation or the propaganda guidance, energy saving and environmental protection more and more win support among the people, for example, household water large bathroom products, has become the primary problem of water saving, more consumers are more willing to choose energy-saving bathroom hardware products. At this time, the hardware enterprises, go, strengthen technological innovation, diversification is the key.
Home Furnishing hardware according to the set can be divided into general and special two categories, which include hinge, hinge, slide, the latter including bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. The hinge, slide, hinge and locks in the life the highest frequency of use, thus is more important.
As consumers demand increase, a greater demand and higher requirements for hardware accessories. Take home appliance industry, household electrical appliances quality and grades are mainly embodied in the selection of hardware fittings. Home use inconvenience, largely because of household appliances metal parts or missing caused by improper selection. As long as there is a corresponding hardware fittings, multifunctional appliances very complex can be produced, the value of hardware fittings in appliances accounted for 10%, but the operation comfort but accounts for the importance of 80%. visible metal parts in household appliances.
Actively develop and promote resource conservation, substitution and recycling technologies, accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises to energy-saving, high consumption, heavy pollution, backward technology processes and products to implement mandatory elimination system, conducive to resource saving price and taxation policies.