How to go out of the country Chinese Hardware Company
2021-03-03 02:56:21

Chinese hardware company how out of the country now with the national characteristics of industrial parks and clusters of the pattern, in 2009 the country hardware industry center continuously rise, no doubt, hardware industry cluster era has approached. In the future, Chinese hardware industry will be in a series of national policy support and industry guidance, will gradually enter the International Hardware family.
Now the domestic hardware industry, small and medium enterprises accounted for the major part, with private enterprises. The Ministry of industry and information the drafting of the "on accelerating the views of corporate mergers and acquisitions" (hereinafter referred to as "" opinion "") will soon be promulgated, will relax market access of private capital. The move will encourage commercial banks to increase the merger and reorganization of enterprises credit support and encouragement, to set up a special fund mergers and acquisitions, attract social capital to support the merger and reorganization of enterprises, encourage listing Corporation to stock for the implementation of merger, takeover, purchase of assets merger on price. Not only can solve any menace from the "rear" fund weak hardware industry all the enterprises, but also for the hardware industry merger and reorganization to clear away the obstacles, to further accelerate the pace of hardware industry cluster development.
The effect of iron and steel, petrochemical, automobile, shipbuilding and other economies of scale better industry, and encourages the use of large-scale backbone enterprises as a leader, to promote cross regional merger and reorganization. To avoid the local government interference, will be able to unite around the characteristics of the industrial chain, promoting the development of the industry healthy and stable. It is worth mentioning that, hardware industry of iron and steel industry as the associated industry, or will be subject to support, especially the combination of shipbuilding industry and hardware machinery strong momentum of development.
Also according to the state-owned capital into a principle, in competitive fields, will encourage and support the market competitiveness and brand advantage of all kinds of enterprises to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises and restructuring, in order to place obstacles to merger and reorganization of enterprises. "Opinions" required local governments to clean up all kinds of administrative barriers, explore the development mode of tax benefit sharing among regions, the phasing out of the leading cadres, administrative rank and salary, the reform of local government and state-owned enterprise leadership performance appraisal system, the merger and reorganization of enterprises included in the examination scope.
For now, new energy, electronic information and other new industries, focusing on the development of medium and small enterprises, establish strategic alliance cooperation in R & D, production, marketing and personnel training, form resultant force. The ultimate goal of the new energy as the hardware industry but also the future development, is now on the agenda, the various energy saving hardware tools, machinery, has gradually appeared, its development and personnel training, is essential. The electronic information as the development mode of new carrier sales of hardware industry, has become a new form, sales steadily high.