How to alleviate the pressure Home Furnishing hardware indus
2021-03-03 02:56:34

Continuous variables, under the national macroeconomic regulation and control is still the storm continued, media survey found, some developers are busy with the short hot house, began 'disc' sell, trying to cause panic among consumers, in order to raise prices.

According to the insiders, the market inventory is very large, temporary prices have not increased, property buyers no need to panic. But countries the purchase policy enforcement is still large, the market does not exist rebound sharply foundation.

The current development of changes in the property market is far-reaching, its downstream Home Furnishing hardware industry market demand deeply affected, including sanitary ware, furniture, paint, decoration hardware, some with Home Furnishing decoration related industries, are all affected by the demand of the market restriction and turnover of.

This is the four or five month of the traditional Home Furnishing decoration of the season, the property market in May turnover hit a new high, or it can be a decoration demand season duration to extend backward, to some extent alleviate Home Furnishing hardware industry performance pressure. However, from the current point of view, China's real estate industry is more affected by the policy, countries continue to macro-control of the property market, will restrict China's property market turnover over a period of time.

Plus many developers still staring at the consumer's money bag, the moment does not relax. Many consumers also more wait-and-see attitude, turnover is difficult to get bigger promotion, under the long-term regulation, when the property market can become real stability is unknown. Home Furnishing hardware industry also needs a good grasp of the market, can not be blindly optimistic.